Where can I find the link to the Calenso booking site?

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In this article we would like to discuss the different booking links of Calenso. In Calenso you have different possibilities to display your bookable services. Here we show you how to access the different links and how you can create your own deep links.


On the home page of your dashboard you will find three links. The one to your company booking page, the one to the logged in resource and the one to the group appointment page. (if the view is activated)


You can also access your company booking page on your company profile. To do this, go to Settings -> Company profile. Here you can also change the link. However, "my.calenso.com/book/" will always remain.


You can also find your personal booking link under Settings -> User profile. Here you can also edit the link. 


If you want to call up the booking link of a resource, you can do this under Settings → Resources/Employees. Click on the "..." button for the desired resource. → Edit.


You can create a separate booking link for each service. However, this only works in connection with a resource/employee who can perform this service. The next few steps will show you how to create and modify the link correctly. 

1. Go to Settings -> Service and edit the desired service.
2. Click on "Advanced services" and copy the booking link below the booking name.

3. the booking link is always automatically created with the staff member who is currently logged in: https://my.calenso.com/book/demo-account/nico-lutz/sitzungszimmer.

4. in this case we have not assigned the service to the employee Nico Lutz and therefore the link is not displayed correctly. We would like to make the meeting room bookable. 

5. Navigate to Settings -> Resources/Employees and edit the desired resource. Copy the entry at "Booking name". In our case the booking name is "room1". 

6. Now replace the wrong booking name in the link with the correct one. In our case it looks like this:

Now the booking page is displayed correctly. 


A separate link can also be created for stores. However, this must be created by the user and has the effect that the store is simply preselected. The other stores are still visible and can theoretically also be selected. We explain here how to create the link for the store.


1. Take the normal booking link of your company. In this example: https://my.calenso.com/book/demo-account

2. Go to Settings → Store and edit the desired store. 

3. At the top you will find the Store ID - copy it. 

4. now add ?store_id="the ID" to your booking link: 


Now the desired shop is selected when you open the booking page.

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