If a context is to be accessed directly in the booking widget, e.g. a store, a service or an employee, this can either be transferred when integrating the booking widget into your own website or as a parameter in the URL to your own booking page. Below are two examples, one is the link to the booking page and the other is the integration code of the appointment booking widget.

On the Calenso booking page, these direct links to the store, service or employee/resource can be accessed.


Name of the parameter: store_id
Description: Preselect a store
Example: store_id=100

The ID of a store can be found in the settings, open "Edit store".


Name of the parameter: service[]
Desctiption: Preselect services
Example: service[]=100,101,102

The ID of service can be found in the settings, open "Edit Service".


Name of the parameter: worker_id
Description: Preselect bookable resources (e.g. employees)
Example: worker_id=100

The ID of a resource can be found in the settings, open "Edit Employee/Resource".[]=ID&worker_id=ID

Normal link with visible parameters:[]=4493&worker_id=38847&custom_field[3571]=123456789&customer[prename]=max&customer[lastname]=muster&customer[email][mobile]=+41764171234

Base64 encoded link (parameters are not directly visible):