Register or delete customers manually on group appointments

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Read the instructions or watch the video on the topic!

Switch to the group appointment detail view. In the area "slots" you now click on the three dots.

Add or delete customer

Now you can manually add or delete customers to this group appointment. Either create a new customer (1) or add an existing customer (2). In the top corner, select whether you want to add the person to the list of regular registrations or the waiting list. Add the person to the registrations. He will appear below and the available places will be reduced.


You can manually overbook a group appointment. A customer cannot do this, they will be automatically added to the waiting list when the appointment is booked.

For an overbooking, you proceed in the same way as if you wanted to add a person. Select the list "regular registrations" and add the person. You will see the following picture:

The bar will change to orange because too many people are logged in. However, the person will receive a regular registration.

Arrange customers

If you are using waiting lists, the order of priority is important. The people at the top are the last to register. If someone logs off, the first person in the queue moves up to the regular list. Now you can manually move people between waiting lists and regular registrations or rearrange them. However, we advise you to use this only for the benefit of all customers (e.g. overbooking).

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