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Read through our article or watch the video on how to create group appointments!

Open the overview of your group appointments in the navigation under " Appointments" -> "Events".

Now click on "Create" to create a new group appointment and start with the step-by-step creation.

Step 1: Information

Give your group appointment a suitable name, add a location and enter a description. A picture usually says 1000 words, so choose a suitable one and add it to your group appointment. However, this is not mandatory.

You can of course enter your own amount for the price. Alternatively, you can offer the group event for free or hide the price. Just click on the corresponding button.

Now enter the payment option of your customer. Should he or she pay on the spot or by credit card during the booking? You need a Stripe Account to pay by credit card. You can find out more about this here. You can also use a bexio account to enable payment by invoice.

If you only want to make the group appointment available to selected customers, you can activate the corresponding button (changes to green). Then send the booking link for this event to the selected persons. If the appointment is open to everyone, the button must be deactivated (grey).

Then define your VAT rate for the group event.

Click on "Next" to continue with the creation.

Step 2: Settings

Do you want to create a calendar entry for your employees? Activate the button "Create calendar entry?". If you would like to remind your customers before the group appointment, activate the "Send invitation reminder?" button and choose between notification by SMS or email.

If you want your group appointment to be cancelable, add the cancellation link to the event confirmation and reminder. Specify the conditions and the cancellation period before the group appointment.

Click on "Next" to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Capacity

Now choose how many people can participate in your group appointment. If you allow your clients to take someone with them, you will find out. During the booking process, the customer will automatically be asked whether or not guests will be taken along. If you do not allow this function, the customer will not be asked.

The waiting list is a special function. It allows customers to sign up for it when the group appointment is fully booked. The customer is clearly informed that this is a waiting list place and not a definitive place. It is practical that if someone on the definitive list cancels the appointment, the top customer on the waiting list automatically moves up and is notified. You don't have to do anything. Click here to find out more about waiting lists.

Click on "Next" to go to step 4.

Step 4: Time window

Specific days

If you select certain days as time windows, you can select individual days in the calendar on the right. Please note that only days are available on which your employee can be booked.

Now enter the duration of a time window and define the time windows.

Example: You have a visiting yoga teacher who offers 30-minute yoga lessons in the mornings between 8:00-12:00 and in the afternoons and evenings between 16:00-20:00 for a week from 11-15 November. The following settings are made:

  1. Type: Specific days -> select 11-15 November in the calendar
  2. Bookable resource: special teacher, must be created in "employee".
  3. Duration of the time window: Select 30 minutes
  4. Insert 2 time windows below the calendar.
  5. 1. time window: 8:00-12:00, 2. time window: 16:00-20:00

Result: You will automatically be given time slots of 30 minutes each within the specified time windows. You do not have to enter them individually.

Repeating days

Repeating days as a kind of time slot are practical if you have regular group appointments. Select the duration of the time window and the days of the week and define the time ranges.

Example: You are a yoga teacher and offer classes every Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. The next course duration is 3 months. One lesson lasts 30 minutes.


  1. Select " Repeating Days" as the time window type.
  2. Select the bookable resource
  3. The duration of the time window is 30 minutes
  4. The duration of the second time window (duration for the repeating time windows) is 3 months = 90 days
  5. Now you select the Monday and define the time range e.g. from 08:00-12:00. 
  6. Click on "Apply".
  7. Now you select Thursday and define the time range, e.g. from 14:00-18:00.
  8. Click on "Apply

Now time slots are created for the next 90 days, which can be booked on Monday morning (8 time slots, as 4h / 30 minutes) and Thursday afternoon (also 8).

Click on "Next" to go to the last step.

Here you can find out how to create group appointments lasting several days.

Group appointment booking questions

Booking questions are also practical for a group appointment. When you create a new group appointment, no booking questions are activated. Exceptions are questions that were activated for group appointments when they were created. 

You will get a list of all entered booking questions, which you can now drag and drop into the column of "activated booking questions". If you want to activate all questions, just click on the button above.

To avoid having to leave the step-by-step creation for a new booking question, you can create a new question right here. The procedure is the same as for a normal booking question. Click on "+" to add a new booking question. Here you can find out what is important when creating booking questions.

The new booking question will then appear in the list of possible booking questions and can also be dragged to the other column. 

By the way, you can arrange your booking questions as you wish. Just move the boxes in the right order. 

Click on "Finish" to complete the creation of the group appointment.

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