Your customers book group appointments in a very similar way. Either they select "Events" in the drop-down menu above or click on "Events" in the header. Your courses and group dates will then appear in the overview.

1. Select group appointment

Your customer sees all group appointments in the overview. With a click on "Book" he will go to the next step.

2. Select date and time

Your customers select the appropriate date in the calendar. They are only shown days that still have free time slots. Afterwards, the free time slots are displayed on the right. The customer can see immediately how many places are still free or whether it is a waiting list place. 

3. Summary and conclusion

The customer now comes to the summary of all dates that are booked. Additional participants can be added here if allowed. In addition, the booking questions appear, which are optional and mandatory for this group appointment.

See how the booking looks like for appointments.