Connect an external calendar

You can access the settings for the external calendar in two ways. 

  1. Go to "Settings" -> "External Calendars" and click on the "+" to enter the calendar for a new employee or click on the "+" next to an employee with already connected calendars to add another one.

  2. Click on "Setup assistant" -> "Step 4". Here you can see a similar picture.

Now you have to go through four steps:

  1. First, select your employee or resource and the supported calendar type

  2. Now you are automatically forwarded to the provider. Agree to all requests so that Calenso can link to your calendar.

  3. You have successfully made the link when this confirmation appears:


Connect multiple external calendars

You can link several different external calendars per resource. All linked calendars are taken into account for the free appointment calculation. For specific instructions on how to synchronize with iCloud, Exchange, Google or Office 365 calendars, please follow the links below.