How can I avoid duplicate appointment proposals?

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Anyone who uses the no-matter-who function in Calenso will have wondered why the same appointment proposals are available several times for an appointment booking. This is not a mistake in itself. If the names of the employees or resources are also displayed, it makes sense that all possible times are displayed. However, if the names are hidden, the multiply displayed time slots could be irritating. We show you how to configure the Calenso widget correctly.

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Why does it display the same hours multiple times?

This happens when several people offer the same service at the same time, but are hidden for the no-matter-who function.

Where can I configure the settings?

All configurations shown here can be made under settings / booking widget configurations.

When does the multiple display make sense?

This makes sense if you display the people who can be booked at the respective time and the customers can thus make their selection for their appointment:

However, if the persons are hidden, the multiple display of the same appointment hours could be irritating:

How can the duplicate appointment suggestions be hidden?

There is an additional switch in the booking widget configurations that hides the appointment times that are displayed twice:

If this switch is activated, the appointment hours are only displayed once and the appointments are randomly assigned to the available employees or resources.

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