We pay great attention to customer feedback. Critical and praising feedback helps us to continuously develop and improve our software. Calenso users now have the opportunity to add wishes and suggestions to our proposal list. The features with the most upvotes will be implemented with priority.

Visible are the title of the proposal, a description, the user with the proposal, comments and votes. Calenso checks your feature proposals so that only proposals that would be realistic in implementation, that is not yet available and that is meant seriously will appear. We hope you will understand that it may take some time to clarify a proposal. Once we have accepted the proposal, the green bar will appear with "Accepted by Calenso". This bar takes on a different appearance depending on the status of the proposal, e.g. Waiting for Approval, Accepted for Development, In Development, Development Finished, In Testing or Completed. 

To access the function proposal overview page, you can click on your profile picture and then on "Feature Proposal".

Learn how to add a proposal or vote for a proposal here.