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Business Captcha stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" and a security function that can be activated in Calenso to prevent spam postings from bots or competitors. Calenso relies on its own developements in order to minimize dependencies on companies such as Google reCaptcha for data protection reasons.


  • Business or Enterprise subscription

  • One bookable employee or resource

Activate captcha function

Go to the booking widget settings (Navigation → Settings → Booking widget settings) and search for the function “Activate captcha security function for appointment booking?”. Activate the toggle on the left-hand side. The captcha function is now activated.

Captcha entry in the booking widget

Now navigate to your booking widget (you will find your booking link in the link generator in the dashboard). 

At the very end of the booking process, you will now see the captcha query:

As soon as the entry is correct, you can continue with the booking.

Customize template

You can customize the template “Please type the letters of the following image to make sure you are not a bot.” in the template settings. Navigate as follows: Navigation → Settings → Templates. Search for the template below, click on “Action” and change the text:

The text in the booking widget is then adjusted accordingly:

Customize design

If you are using your own CSS for the booking widget (Settings → Custom CSS), you can change the captcha area with the following CSS:

#calenso-booking .cbw-captcha-label span {
color: red;

#calenso-booking .cbw-captcha-img {
width: 400px;

#calenso-booking .cbw-input-captcha-field {
border: 1px solid orange;

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