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Calenso can connect directly to Unblu so that after an appointment is booked, an Unblu conversation is automatically created in the Unblu Agent Desk for the agent and customer to communicate securely. To start the connection, log into your Calenso account and navigate to https.// 

The Unblu platform allows advisors to focus on what really matters: the financial well-being of their clients. The communication platform integrates with existing channels and allows clients to contact their provider via text, video and voice solutions. It also offers clients and advisors the ability to share information and collaborate with co-browsing tools.


Connect Unblu with Calenso

Unblu can either be activated for all bookable resources, or only for individual ones. Select "Unblu" as meeting provider from the list and click "Next".

In the next step you define your Unblu connection data. Please note: This connection data is stored company-wide and applies to all employees.

  • Type of authentication: Select "Basic authentication", since OAuth is not yet fully supported.
  • Username: The username you received from Unblu.
  • Password: The password you received from Unblu
  • Unblu Server Base URL: If Unblu is running in the Unblu Cloud, then you need to enter "" here. If Unblu is hosted on its own server, then you need to enter the respective domain here.
  • Unblu Server URL: If Unblu is running in the Unblu Cloud, then you need to enter "" here. Please make sure that there is no "/" defined at the end. Calenso will generate the API URL from the server URL, e.g: "".

Login information is securely stored with AES-256 encryption.

After that click on "Next". The following message will be displayed:

If the pairing is successful, Unblu will be displayed as a meeting provider in the list:

The customer can then define in the booking process whether he wants a co-browsing session via Unblu:

On the appointment page, the "Unblu" link becomes active 15 minutes before the appointment:

Customize the name and description of the Unblu meeting provider in the widget.

Navigate to Templates (Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Templates or and search for "Unblu" with Ctrl-F.

Click on "Action" for the title and description and define the custom name. Then you can see in the widget that the texts in the "Where should the event take place" dropdown have been adjusted:

Implementation of the appointment in the Unblu Agent Desk

Navigate to your Unblu Agent Desk (e.g. and click on the calendar icon in the navigation named "Scheduled":

There you will find all your agreed appointments, which have been created by Calenso or another tool:

Open a scheduled conversation by clicking on the blue link. You will then see the message from the Calenso bot with a short letter about the appointment. When you are ready, you can click on the green "Start" button in the upper right corner:

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