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Since Calenso version 4.9.0 it is possible that customers have to verify their mobile phone number via SMS code before booking. This is a step to counteract fake bookings.

Activate functionality

Go to and enable the feature "Customers must verify their mobile phone number via SMS before they can make a booking". Once the feature is enabled, customers will be prompted to verify their phone number once when making a booking. Once the phone number is verified, it will not need to be verified again when making another booking.

Please note: As a partner, you will be responsible for the SMS cost of 10 centimes per SMS. Calenso will invoice the costs at the end of the year.

Verify phone number in widget

After a phone number is entered, it will be checked if it is already verified. If it is not verified, then the following message appears:

Click "Request Code", then a verification code will be sent to the phone number:

Now enter the code in the code field:

After that click on "Verify". If the code is correct, then the phone number is verified:

If the code is not correct, then the following message will be displayed:

The code can be requested a maximum of 3 times. If it still does not work, then Calenso Support must be contacted at