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Since version 4.7.0 of Calenso, it is possible to group the proposed dates in the booking widget itself. The groupings can be entered in several languages with a start and end time.


It is possible to enter overlapping groupings. If this is done, the grouping in the booking widget may not work correctly. As soon as the default groupings are adjusted, the partner takes responsibility for their correctness.

Manage groupings

Under the date groupings can be maintained:

Add a new grouping

To define a new grouping, click on the "+" button. It is best to enter the grouping with all defined languages so that the booking widget can translate the grouping correctly when the customer changes the language.

The partner is responsible for the correctness of the start and end times!

Edit or delete groupings

Each entry in the grouping list can be edited or deleted. To do this, simply click on the 3-points:

Check groupings in the accounting widget

Once the groupings have been correctly entered, they are visible in the booking widget: