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The Calenso Booking Widget (booking of individual services) as well as the Widget for Group Appointments supports the feature of conversion tracking of the Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Requirements to use GTM

The conversion tracking feature is exciting for evaluating the different booking types and is available for customers who have a paid subscription (Pro, Premium, Business und Enterprise).

Tracking within the Appointment Booking Widget

The appointment booking widget supports the following GTM events. When the customer navigates through the booking widget, the events are triggered so that it is possible to measure where customers e.g. abort the booking process:

// First user interaction, could also be triggered later
// Step: Booking profile, only if activated
// Step: Selection of store and service
// Step: Selection of Resources / Employee
// Step: Selection of an available apponitment
// Step: Summary/Booking form
// Completion of the booking
// Booking successful
// Error within the booking

The data that is transferred during the booking steps is an array of bookings. The already available data is transferred at each step.

// Event, which is stored in the Google Tag Manager
event: 'appointment_booking_step_success', 
appointments: [
    // ID of the booked resource or employee
    'worker_id': 1,
    // ID of the booked service
    'appointment_service_id':  1,
    // Name of the booked resource or employee
    'resource_name': 'Calenso',
    // E-mail address of the booked resource or employee
    'worker_email': '',
    // Name of the booked service(s)
    'appointment_service_name': 'Meeting 20m',
    // ID of the store
    'store_id': 1,
    // Name of the store
    'store_name': 'HQ in Rothenburg LU'
    // ID of the booked resource or employee
    'worker_id': 2,
    // ID of the booked service
    'appointment_service_id':  2,
    // Name of the booked resource or employee
    'resource_name': 'Calenso Support',
    // E-mail address of the booked resource or employee
    'worker_email': '',
    // Name of the booked service(s)
    'appointment_service_name': 'Meeting 30m',
    // ID of the store
    'store_id': 2,
    // Name of the store
    'store_name': 'Office in Sempach-Station'

Tracking in the Group Appointment Booking Widget

The group appointment booking widget only supports an event at the end of the booking process, after the customer has completed the booking. Intermediate steps are currently not measured (this feature will come in the future).

event: 'event_booking',
events: [{
    // UUID of the group appointment
    'event_id': '503f1f5a-711c-45be-9d63-60782fb37cec',
    // Category, which was added in the group appointment settings
    'event_category': 'bbq',
    // Title of the group appointment
    'event_title':  'BBQ Training'

As soon as the Google Tag Manager code (GTM-XXXXXXX) is stored in the system, the conversions can be registered for bookings of appointments or group appointments in the Google Tag Manager. Multiple bookings are also supported in each case.

In Calenso, the GTM tracking code cannot yet be added independently. Just send the code with the details of your Calenso account to the email address A Calenso support representative will then add the tracking code to the account.

Tracking in the Compact Booking Widget


Additional Information

Here you can find all informations about the Google Tag Manager.

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