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The Calenso booking widget for appointments (booking of services) and the booking widget for group appointments supports the conversion tracking functionality of Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Currently, Calenso supports the following data for a conversion. This information is transmitted to Google Tag Manager when Calenso makes a booking.

Tracking of the individual booking steps

  1. appointment_booking_step_profiles (Step booking profiles, only if enabled)
  2. appointment_booking_step_stores_and_services (Step selection of store and service)
  3. appointment_booking_start (Start of appointment booking after selection of service and store)
  4. appointment_booking_step_resources (Step selection of employee/resource)
  5. appointment_booking_step_available_appointments (step selection of available free appointments)
  6. appointment_booking_step_summary (step summary/booking form)
  7. appointment_booking (Finalisation of the booking)

Data transfer at the end of the booking

  • 'event': 'appointment_booking' (Event, which is stored in Google Tag Manager)

  • 'worker_id': ID of the booked employee or resource
  • 'appointment_service_id': ID of the booked service
  • 'resource_name': Name of employee or resource

  • 'worker_email': E-mail address of employee or resource
  • 'appointment_service_name': Name of booked service
  • 'store_id': ID of store
  • 'store_name': Name of store

Tracking of group appointment bookings

  • 'event': 'event_booking' (Event, which is stored in Google Tag Manager)
  • 'event_id': ID of the group appointment
  • 'event_category': Category entered in the group appointment settings. (For the categorization of the individual registrations)
  • 'event_title':  Title of group-appointment

As soon as the Google Tag Manager Code (GTM-XXXXXXX) is stored in the system, the conversions can be registered in Google Tag Manager when booking appointments or group appointments.

In Calenso 3.0, it is not yet possible to add the GTM tracking code independently. Simply send the code with your Calenso account details to the e-mail address A Calenso support representative will then add the tracking code to your account.

Requirements for the GTM

The conversion tracking feature is exciting for evaluating the different booking types and is available for customers who have a paid subscription (Flatrate, Whitelabel and Enterprise).

More information

All information about the Google Tag Manager can be found at: