The approval process

When you submit a proposal, it will go through different stages. Below you can see a picture of the process. 

Waiting for approval

As soon as your suggestion has been entered, your contribution will still appear with a grey background. Your status is "Waiting for approval".

If your proposal is rejected, the post will be deleted. You can find reasons for rejection here.

Accepted by Calenso

Congratulations, your proposal has been accepted by Calenso and is now shown in the overview. Other customers can now vote for your proposal and comment on it.

Accepted for development

Great, your proposal has been released for development, which means that this feature will be implemented! Give us a short time to plan the development.

In development

Your proposal is now in the development phase. The team is working to implement your function as quickly as possible.

Development finalised

The development of your feature is complete. All that is left to do now is to test it before your function appears on Calenso.

In Testing

Now your function will be checked to ensure that it is running smoothly and without errors in the system. 


Cool! Your function is now available in Calenso. You can use it now. Thank you for your help in developing Calenso and enriching it with useful functions.