Click on your profile picture and after that on "Feature Proposal". 

Now click on "Add proposal".

The following window opens:

Give the proposal a short and appropriate name. Afterwards you have to describe your proposal with at least 20 words. Note: The better and more convincingly you describe your proposal, the more likely it is that other users will vote for it. Then, you have to enter your name (only Calenso can see from which e-mail address the proposal was submitted, but the name is public). 

Click on "Save" to submit your proposal.


Now your proposal is displayed with a grey background. This is because Calenso must first approve your proposal. The status bar "In approval" will appear. We hope you will understand that only proposals that are technically feasible and functions that do not already exist will be approved. The processing time may take a few days. We thank you for your patience. 

Once your proposal has been accepted, it is free to ask for votes from other users. In this way, Calenso can see which functions are requested by a large number of users and prioritises development.

Edit proposal

Editing a proposal is only possible in rare cases. You cannot edit it directly, to protect the other users who have voted exactly for this proposal. If you still want to make changes to your proposal, please contact our support. They will edit your proposal.


Calenso reserves the right to reject or delete proposals. We appeal to the morally correct behaviour of users to ensure that no nonsensical contributions are made. 

We thank you for your constructive suggestions so that Calenso can focus its development on the functional requirements of users in the future.

See here how to vote for other suggestions.