As a general rule, no employee can be booked at two locations at Calenso. With a little trick it still works, but caution is advised.

This method is only suitable for employees who are at a specific location at fixed times and not for those who are flexible at locations.

It is quite simple. Create a new employee with the same name and assign him/her to the second location. If your employee only has/wants to use one email address, then there is a trick for Gmail accounts: add "+1" (or any other name e.g. "+Location2") to the email address.


Original email address:

Second e-mail address:

E-mails are sent to the same e-mail address.

Now you have to define the availabilities for this employee exactly. Note that the days or times must be defined exactly for both locations.

Now your customers can see your employee online and book at the corresponding location.