For which subscription is the external success page available?

You can activate the external landing page with the Whitelabel subscription or above.

Success expressed even better

Calenso displays a landing page as standard when an appointment is successfully booked, where customers can review their booking and change it if necessary.

What's new: You can now display your own landing page after a successful booking.

How to do that, we show you here.

Activate redirection to an external landing page

Go to Settings and chose Booking Widget Settings:

At the top, just before the " Stores" section, you will find the toggle to redirect to external success page:

Once the toggle to redirect to the external success page has been activated, the URL of this page can be entered:

Redirection in action

In the following video you can see how your customers are redirected to the external landing page after a successful booking. This is done in a new tab, the previous success page with the contained booking links is still displayed.