Step 5: Add time windows

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Specific days

If you select specific days as time windows, you can select individual days in the calendar on the right. Note that only days on which your employee is bookable are available.

Now enter the duration of a time window and define the time windows.

Example: You have a cheese expert visiting you, who will hold an event of 120 minutes (2h) every evening from 16:00-20:00 for two weeks from December 2nd to 13th. The following settings are made:

  1. Type: Specific days -> select the individual days in the calendar
  2. Bookable resource: cheese expert, must be created by the employees.
  3. Duration of the time window: Select 120 minutes
  4. Insert a time window below the calendar.
  5. 1st-time window: 16:00-20:00
  6. Click on "Apply".
  7. Add more time slots as needed.

Result: You will automatically get time windows of 120 minutes each in the specified time windows. You do not have to enter them individually.

Repeating days

Repeating days as a kind of time slot are practical if you have regular group appointments. Select the duration of the time window and the weekdays and define the time ranges.

Example: You are a yoga teacher and offer classes every Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. The next course duration is 3 months. One lesson lasts 30 minutes.


  1. Select "Repeating Days" as the time slot type.
  2. Select the bookable resource
  3. The duration of the time window is 30 minutes
  4. The duration of the second time window (duration for the recurring time windows) is 3 months = 90 days
  5. Now you select the Monday and define the time range e.g. from 08:00-12:00. 
  6. Click on "Apply".
  7. Now you select Thursday and define the time range e.g. from 14:00-18:00.
  8. Click on "Apply".

Now time slots are created for the next 90 days, which can be booked on Monday morning (8 time slots, as 4h / 30 minutes) and Thursday afternoon (also 8).

Click on "Next" to proceed to step 6.

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