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Why an internal comment?

Every customer is different, has special wishes, or has certain peculiarities to which one should pay special attention.

Especially when booking an appointment, depending on how much you pay attention to the details of the customer, it is crucial whether the appointment will be a success or not.

That is why we have created the possibility to enter only internally visible (i.e. invisible to the customer) comments during the  booking process via the internal booking widget.

First of all, as a reminder, you can find the internal booking widget in the dashboard at the top right corner:


To activate the internal comment, go to Settings and chose Booking questions:

The toggle on the right side activates the internal comment in the default question block of the booking questions.

Enter an internal comment

For example, the small calendar icon in the upper right corner of the browser opens the internal booking widget:

The internal comment can be entered in the corresponding field to complete the booking:

Visibility of the internal comment to your employees

The internal comment is shown in the calendar entry of your linked calendar, as seen here in the Google-Calendar:

The internal comment is visible in the confirmation email to your employee

You can see the internal comment is shown in the admin link:

And you can see the internal comment when you call the appointment within the dashboard:

Visibility for your customer

The customer won't see the internal comment.

It's not visible in the confirmation mail:

The internal comment is also not shown in the ICS-file:

The internal comment is also not shown in the customer link:

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