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Since version v4.20.0 Calenso supports the "Round-Robin" function.

What is the Round-Robin function?

With this feature, appointment bookings can be randomly distributed to the whole team. Instead of customers selecting a specific bookable resource, a resource is randomly pre-selected. This way, e.g. demo or support requests can be distributed evenly within a team.

As a result, the "Resources" tab is no longer displayed in the appointment booking widget.

How do I activate the function?

The function can be activated under Settings -> Booking widget Settings -> General -> "Activate round robin function".

How can I exclude employees from the round-robin function?

As soon as the round-robin function is activated, a new attribute appears when editing an employee/resource, with which the employee can be deactivated for the round-robin function. By default, every employee/resource is enabled for round-robin.

Settings -> Resources / Employees > Edit employees.