• The use of webhooks in Calenso does not require a specific subscription. Webhooks can be configured in Free or Flatrate subscription.
  • A system that can receive webhooks as POST calls.


Then enter the URL of the Webhook endpoint.

The following view should appear:

If this system is secured, an Authorization Header can be configured. Click "Define Authorization Header Key" to define the key. A possible value is "Authorization" or "Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key".

You can do the same with the Authorization Header Value. If both are configured, you should see the following view:

If a customer now books an appointment or attends an event, a webhook request is automatically sent to the configured URL. The statistics section of the page gives you information about whether the requests were accepted by the server (status code 2xx) or not:

More detailed information (including payload of the requests) can be found below:

If you want to view the payload of the request, click on "Raw". There you can examine the JSON payload more closely:

Find more details about webhooks in our documentation.

If you have any questions about setting up webhooks, please feel free to contact us in Support! Good luck!