What does this Smart Action do?

This Smart Action helps you to automatically cancel all appointments during a period of time. The customer is informed of the cancellation by e-mail. S/he will be informed of the reason, which you define in the form below.

The following actions are carried out for you:

  • The internal Calenso appointment is removed
  • The appointment in the external calendar (e.g. in Google Calendar) is removed
  • The customer receives a cancellation confirmation with the reason for cancellation
  • The payment will be refunded (if one was made)
  • The cancellation webhook is executed (if webhooks are enabled)

How do I activate this Smart Action?

Select "Smart Actions" in the navigation under "More":

Activate the "Mass cancellation of appointments" Smart Action by clicking the toggle before "Activate".

Then click on "Configure" to get to the detail page of the Smart Action.

Now you define a start and an end date. During this time period, cancellations of all appointments / group appointments will be triggered:


The customer then receives the following notification by e-mail (here another message for another case):