How do I connect Zapier to Calenso?

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You can easily connect Calenso to Zapier using webhooks. Watch the video below or read the instructions.

In your settings, go to "Advanced settings" > "Webhooks". Click on "Enable webhooks".

Log in to your Zapier account and click on "Make a Zap".

Search for "Webhooks" in the field and select "Webhooks by Zapier". 

Click on "Catch Hook". This will automatically transmit the data if there is a change.

Now copy the generated "Custom Webhook URL" and paste it into your dashboard at "Webhook URL to be called". Then click on "Save". 

Make a test booking using your booking assistant. Then click on "Test trigger" in your Zapier account. It may take a few seconds until the test is successful. Just click on "Test trigger" again.

When "We found a request!" appears, the test was successful. You can now link to a third party provider so that Calenso will successfully pass on the information.


With Zapier, you have the possibility to add a new customer to a Mailchimp list. 

Choose „Mailchimp“ and the Action Event „Add/Update Subscriber“.

Connect your Mailchimp Account with Zapier and click on „Continue“.

Fill out all the necessary fields. At point two „Subscriber Email“, search for the field „Data Customer Email“. 

At the points „Frist Name“ and „Last Name“, search for the fields „Data Appointment Customer Prename“ and „Data Appointment Customer Lastname“

After that, click on „Continue“

Now you can test your automation. After the test was successfull, you can klick on „Turn on Zap“. 

Google Sheets

The connection to Google Sheets enables you to connect new Customers to a Google Sheet.

Search for Google Sheets and click on „Create Spreadsheets Row“ and klick on „Continue“.

Select now the Google Drive, the specific Spread-  and Worksheet. 

As soon as you select, the titles on row one of your worksheet will appear. In your Worksheet, you can set as many titles as you want. 

Now you need to select for each title the data entries form the booking you would like to have displayed in the worksheet. After that, click on continue

Now you can test the automation and „Turn on Zap“, as soon as you have finished the Zap.


Take for example the Email Automation Autopilot. Search for the provider and click on it. Now you choose what to do with the data, e.g. "Add Contact". This will successfully transfer the contact to Autopilot. Click on "Continue". 

Log in to your account. Now you can link all fields. These settings are necessary once. The test booking serves as a basis. For example, search for "mail" to fill in the "Email" field with the email address from the Calenso booking.

Once you have filled in all the required fields, click on "Test & Continue". Finally, click on "Turn on Zap" when you have finished creating your Zap.

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