If you want to rebook or cancel an appointment, retrieve details or view uploaded files, then open the appointment link from your customer or from you.

To do so, go to your appointment overview and select the three points for a corresponding appointment. Then click on "Open customer link" or "Open admin link".

Now you get to the appointment page. This looks the same for the administrator and for the customer. However, as an administrator, you can rebook an appointment as often as you like and cancel it even after the cancellation period has expired. Customers can only rebook their appointment once and can only cancel it within the given time limit (see standard settings for cancellation until)

Here you can find all important information about the appointment. Furthermore, all answered booking questions are displayed. Possible files, which were added during the upload, can be opened here. If you click on "Download", the appointment will be exported as a file, then you can add it to your existing calendar.