Since release 4.12 the new internal Calenso calendar is available. It has been completely revised and is now much clearer and user-friendly. 

We would like to introduce the calendar to you and go into the most important functions.

The calendar is accessed via the status bar.

Overview of the calendar

1. Here you can select which branches and employees/resources should be displayed. 

2. Choose between the different views. New is the agenda view.

3. Easily search for a specific appointment by customer name.

3. Open the internal booking widget to directly enter a new appointment.

5. Hide the left bar to display the calendar even larger. 

Manage appointments

Click on the appointment to display the most important information. With a click on the pencil icon, you can view the details of the appointment. 

In the detail view you can see all information about the appointment and manage the appointment.

The description can be enlarged at the bottom left.

Click on "Actions" to administrate the appointment. You can open the "Customer link" and "Admin link" or directly "Rebook appointment" or "Cancel appointment". If you want to delete the appointment without informing the customer, click on "Delete appointment".