With a Whitelabel subscription, you pay a little more, but you can make many individual settings. 

The Whitelabel subscription includes the following additional services:

  • Your branding: you use your own logo everywhere, Calenso disappears completely.
  • Your communication: use your own texts, your own colours, your logo and be the sender of every single communication with your customers.
  • Your own CI: your colours and design, from the booking widget to the communication, are adapted to your company.
  • Personal support: The setup and support are provided personally by phone or in writing (as desired). In addition, your inquiries will be answered in a prioritized manner.

More information about the Whitelabel subscription can be found here.

How to activate Calenso Whitelabel:

  1. Go to "Your subscription" in your settings and select "Upgrade".
  2. In step 1, you now select the Whitelabel solution and click Next.
  3. Now you will go through the step-by-step upgrade until the end.
  4. Congratulations, now you have a Whitelabel subscription. Contact us to discuss details.