This article describes how you can switch to a paid subscription after the free trial period.

  1. Choose between the Calenso Flatrate subscription or the Calenso Whitelabel subscription. If promotions are running, they will be automatically credited. Click on "Next".
  2. Now select the payment interval. You can choose between annual, monthly and sometimes (depending on the promotion) one-time. If you have received a discount code, you can redeem it here. Click on "I would like to apply a discount code". You can read more about redeeming discounts here. In the overview, you can see the calculation of your selected subscription. Click on "Continue".
  3. Enter all information about your payment conditions in the form and click on "Continue".
  4. Click on "Upgrade" to confirm your purchase. The following page will be displayed:

Afterwards, your subscription page will look like this:

If you click Upgrade, you can upgrade your subscription to the Whitelabel solution. 

All active subscriptions can be found on the Calenso website.