Online payment is a practical way of paying for the service at the time of booking. To be able to take payments online, you need a Stripe Account.

To set this up, go to your profile settings under "Integrations" -> "Online payment" -> "Stripe (credit card)". Now you click on "Connect Stripe".

A window will open with 3 steps that you will go through.

Step 1: Connect Stripe

Click on "Connect with Stripe". You will then be redirected to Stripe to complete the registration form. In the attachment of this article, you can see how the form looks like. You will be connected back to step 2 after filling out the form.

Step 2: Activation

Now choose whether you want to use online payments for your services or your group appointments. You can also choose both. Click on "Next".

Step 3: Conditions

Now choose whether you want to define online payment as mandatory or whether the customer can choose to pay on-site or online by credit card. Attention: If you define online payment as compulsory, customers cannot book a date if they cannot (can not) pay online.

You must accept the general terms and conditions of Stripe and Calenso to complete the set-up. Stripe will charge you a percentage of the amount and Calenso will charge a fixed amount for the settlement. Calenso also pays fees to Stripe, so a small contribution towards expenses must be paid to Calenso.

The installation is now complete.

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