Connect Calenso with Zvoove

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Calenso can be connected to Zvoove, a tool for recruiting. For the connection we use "Make", formerly Integromat.

1. Create an account on  

2. Click on "Scenarios" in the navigation bar

3. Click on "Create a new scenario" at the top right

4. Click on the plus in the middle

5. Search for and select "Webhooks

6. Select "Custom webhook

7. Click on the symbol and then on "Add"

8. Name the webhook as desired, e.g. "Calenso".

9. Click on "Copy address to clipboard" to copy the link

10. Click on "Ok", then right-click in the empty space and click on "Add a module"

11. Search for "HTTP" and click on it

12. Click on "Make a request

13. Click on the HTTP symbol and insert your data. Your endpoint URL should be inserted in the "URL" field. And your API key in the header.

14. Under "Fields" insert your data as follows.

15. Then insert your data accordingly with this tool.

16. After entering, click on "Ok"

17. Go to the website  

18. First click on "Settings" and then on "Booking questions"

19. Click on "Advanced settings" on the left under "Master data" and then click on "Webhooks"

20. Click on "Activate webhook" and then click on "+"

21. Paste your copied URL from "Step 9"

22. Then book an appointment using your own booking link. This should then appear in Make if the scenario is active and running in the background.

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