Turn on the widget hint

To enable the feature, click on settings and chose Booking Widget Settings:

In the upper area, just before the "stores" section, you will find the switch that allows you to turn on the widget hint.

When the button is activated, the menu opens and the widget hint can be edited. Beware, if you deactivate the toggle, all changes to the widget hint text will be lost.

Edit the widget hint

The text can be formatted in any way.

The text of the widget hint can be highlighted in many colors

For that you have the following options:

  • Primary = blue
  • Secondary = light grey
  • Success = green
  • Danger = red
  • Warning = yellow
  • Info = turquoise
  • Light = white
  • Dark = dark grey

Here an example how the widget hint could look like:

Limitations of the widget hint

Currently, the widget hint is only available in one language.

The widget hint is only displayed on the first page or in the first booking step.

Deep links to other pages can also not be placed in the widget hint.

In case you have question, just contact us under