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Booking questions allow you to request information from customers during the booking process. To ensure that this information can be requested in the correct format, there are different types, which are explained in this article.


An input booking type is a normal text field in which the customer can write an answer:


A textarea is similar to a normal text field, but allows the user to enter multiple lines of text:


This booking question type corresponds to a dropdown field where the selectable options can be defined. It is possible that the customer must/cannot select one or more options:


With a checkbox, confirmations can be ensured, for example. This way, customers can be informed about data protection guidelines or general terms and conditions. The question supports HTML, with which e.g. a link can be placed.


You can ask the customer to send images or documents during the booking process. For example, you can request a completed Corona questionnaire via PDF. After the upload, a virus check is performed on the server. In case of a virus, the document or image will be rejected. You can define yourself if images or documents are allowed and if one or more files can be uploaded. The size of 5 MB per file must not be exceeded:

In the booking confirmation by mail or on the booking page the files are listed. They can be called up via a link.

Radio-Button (seit Calenso Version 4.15.0)

Radio buttons are similar to the selection. One difference is that only one option can be selected and dependencies can be defined:

For example, it can be defined that further booking questions are displayed if "Yes" was selected as the answer.  The dependencies are defined when the booking question is entered:

Information (seit Calenso Version 4.15.0)

With the information booking question type customers can be informed or asked to do something. For example, you could write that the customer must fill out a PDF at the test center before the Corona test and take it printed:

Information can be configured in different colors:

  • Information (Blue)
  • Warning (Yellow)
  • Error (red)
  • Neutral (without background)

Datepicker (seit Calenso Version 4.15.0)

A date can be queried with a date picker:

It is possible to define the format when defining the date picker:

  • dd.MM.yyyy
  • MM.dd.yyyy
  • yyyy.MM.dd
  • yyyy-MM-dd