Set up Calenso with healthapp

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Healthapp and Calenso are working together to improve the appointment booking experience for healthcare providers. 

In order to use the Calenso service with all its features, a few points need to be considered when setting it up. These are described in this article. To learn more about the benefits, click here. 

Follow these steps to connect healthapp and Calenso correctly.

1. Set up your calendar synchronisation at

2. Then go to and fill out the form.

3. Now you can log in to Calenso.

4. complete the setup wizard and set up your account.In order for Healthapp and Calenso to be linked, a few additional settings need to be made in Calenso.

5. Go to Settings -> Booking Questions and activate the Salutation and make it a required field.

6. Then click on the + next to the title "Booking questions" and create a new booking question "Customer type".

7. Now go to Settings -> Services and check whether Services ↔︎ Booking questions assignment is correct. Click on the three dots next to the service and click on "Configure booking questions". The booking questions "Salutation" and "Customer type" must be stored for all services. If this is not the case, you can drag and drop the individual booking questions.

8. Navigate to Settings -> Templates and search for the template Appointment Title. Click on Action on the right and add the fields "Customer type/address/first name/last name". You can do this by clicking on:

First name/last name are already set - but you still have to add the fields customer type/title. Go to the bottom of the page to the customfields (here you can find the ID from step 7.) and add the fields with a click. Now add the "/" between the fields.

9. You will find the field [CUSTOMER_SALUTATION] on the lower end of the section customer.

10. After that it should look like this:

11. Now all you need to do is add the same Google Calendar as you did with Healthapp and you're good to go!

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