Since version 4.0.0, customer and appointment data can be optionally encrypted. This makes sense, for example, if a customer processes information that is highly sensitive and should not be visible as normally readable text in a database or backup.

The data is encrypted with AES-256. In order to be able to search for this data (in the dashboard), the data is also stored hashed. During a search, the two hashes are then compared. For this reason, the search in the customer administration can only return full hits.

The following information is encrypted:


  • First name
  • Last name
  • e-mail
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Name
  • ZIP
  • Street
  • City
  • Remarks


  • Appointment title
  • Appointment description

Booking questions:

  • Entered customer data

The encryption is only available in the Corporate subscription. As a Calenso Corporate customer, you can request the encryption from the support.