Set up thank you messages

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You can configure your thank you messages according to your wishes. It has never been easier to say thank you!

Go to your Smart Actions overview under "More" > "Smart Actions".

Step 1: Activate Smart Action

The Smart Action "Automatic thank you e-mail after the appointment" must be activated. Now you can click on "Configure" below. 

Now you get to the configuration page of the thank you messages. You can make settings for the delay time and the e-mail. Click on the gear symbol in the red circle to customize this field.

Step 2: Set delay

In the first area, you can define a delay. Define the delay for appointments and group appointments separately. E.g. you want to send the message one hour after the appointment. You enter the value in minutes. In the example, this would be 60 for 1h.

Click on "Save".

Step 3: Adjust text

Click on the gear symbol in the red circle at "Send e-mail". By default, a text is entered by Calenso. First define whether the thank you message is for appointments or group appointments. Now you can give the e-mail a subject (template subject) and change the contents of the e-mail (template contents). 

Dynamic fields

If you want to use dynamic fields which are specifically adapted to the customer appointment, then click on "{...}". The following list will open:

Select a suitable field or search for one using the search field. If you want to close the list again without making a selection, then click on the {...} again.


Don't forget to translate your adapted mail into the other languages. Just click on another language to adapt the text.

After editing, click on "Save". Your Smart Action is now completely recorded and will be sent according to your settings.

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