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Since Calenso version 4.8.0, exceptional availabilities can be recorded alongside recurring availabilities.


By default, availabilities are recorded on a recurring basis, such as every Monday from 08:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 18:30. However, it may happen that you are working exceptionally on another day, for example, and want to make these times available in Calenso. This feature has been missing in Calenso for a long time and we have listened to the customer feedback and started to implement it.

Important information in advance:

  • Exceptional availabilities are displayed to the customer, even if they occur at night, for example. 
  • Calenso checks connected external calendars in case of exceptional availability. If appointments are already recorded as blockers during availability, Calenso will only present customers with appointments which do not collide with the recorded blockers.
  • Overlapping exceptional availabilities should be avoided if possible.
  • Exceptional availabilities are entered on a daily basis, e.g. 24.12.2020 from 09:00 to 13:00. If several days of availability are to be made available, please enter several availabilities.
  • Exceptional availabilities over several days are not supported.

List exceptional availabilities

Exceptional availabilities can be viewed in the settings under "Availabilities". In the first area the normal recurring availabilities are displayed:

After this section the exceptional availabilities are listed:

Normal employees only see their own extraordinary availabilities. Administrators see own and other extraordinary availabilities.

Add exceptional availability

Exceptional availabilities are entered in the settings under "Availabilities". The name is only used for the retrieval of the availability.

If an exceptional availability is to be entered all day, the "Is all day availability" toggle can be activated. In this case no start and end time has to be defined. The entire day is released as availability.

Employees can only record extraordinary availabilities for themselves. Administrators can enter extraordinary availabilities for themselves and other resources.

Edit exceptional availability

Exceptional availabilities can be edited via the pull-down menu in the table, provided the correct authorization is available:

Employees can only edit their own exceptional availabilities. Administrators can edit exceptional availabilities for themselves and for other resources.

Delete exceptional availability

Exceptional availabilities can be deleted via the action menu in the table, provided the correct authorization is available:

Exceptional availabilities can be deleted from the table using the action menu, provided the correct authorization is available:

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