Templates: Custom communication texts for e-mail and SMS notifications

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With templates, you can use your own texts for e-mail and SMS notifications, as well as edit text modules in the booking widget or the appointment overview page. Watch the video tutorial or read the step-by-step instructions below.

You can find the templates in your settings under "Advanced settings" -> "Templates".

If the lock symbol appears with the templates, you can edit the templates but not the footer text. This is because you need a Whitelabel subscription to configure notification texts in the footer. Use the filter function to search for a specific template.

Edit e-mail templates

Once the templates are unlocked, you can edit all texts. Otherwise, you can, of course, edit the salutation, the intro and the ending in several languages. There is a separate communication text for each different case. You can find them in the list. Click on "Set" at the corresponding text and adjust the text in the dialogue box that opens.

You can define the template in 4 languages. By default, you will find the communication text of Calenso. You can edit it directly. Please note that the texts are divided into 4 sections: Salutation, intro, end and footer. This subdivision ensures a clear presentation and a text must be inserted in all 4 sections. 

If you want to integrate automatic fields such as the name of the customer into the text, click on {...} to select a field from the table. You can also enter a name in the search field. It works as a filter. The special notation tells the system that it is a dynamic field and automatically takes the corresponding data from the customer profile. Please do not change these "tags" (function is no longer guaranteed)!

Click on "Save" to accept the changes.

All placeholders in the overview


  • CUSTOMER_PRENAME (customer's prename)
  • CUSTOMER_LASTNAME (customer's last name)
  • CUSTOMER_EMAIL (customer's email address)
  • CUSTOMER_MOBILE (customer's phone number)
  • CUSTOMER_ADDRESS (customer's address)

Partner (Company)

  • PARTNER_NAME (Company name)
  • PARTNER_PHONE (Company's phone number)

Store (Filiale)

  • STORE_NAME (store name)
  • STORE_STREET (store address)
  • STORE_ZIP (postcode of the store)
  • STORE_CITY (location of the store)
  • STORE_LATITUDE (store's latitude)
  • STORE_LONGITUDE (store's longitude)
  • STORE_EMAIL (store's email address)
  • STORE_PHONE (store's phone number)
  • STORE_PLACE (store's place)

Appointment (service appointments)

  • SERVICES (service name)
  • APPOINTMENT_HOURS (duration of the appointment)
  • APPOINTMENT_UUID (Appointment's identification number)
  • APPOINTMENT_CANCEL_URL (cancellation link for the appointment)
  • CONFERENCE_URL (conference link)
  • REBOOK_REASON (the reason for a rebooking)
  • APPOINTMENT_CHARGED_PRICE (price charged for the appointment )
  • APPOINTMENT_PRICE (price for the appointment)
  • APPOINTMENT_APPLIED_COUPON (coupon applied for the appointment)
  • APPOINTMENT_COUPON_REDUCTION_AMOUNT (reduction of the coupon)
  • APPOINTMENT_PAYMENT_TYPE (selected payment type)

Event (Group appointments)

  • EVENT_HOURS (duration of the group appointment)
  • EVENT_TITLE (group appointment's name)
  • EVENT_LOCATION (group appointment's location)
  • EVENT_UUID (group appointment's identification number)
  • EVENT_CANCEL_URL (cancellation link for the group appointment)
  • EVENT_REBOOK_REASON (rebooking reason for a group appointment)

Resource (Resource)

  • RESOURCE_NAME (Name of the resource)
  • RESOURCE_BOOKING_LABEL (booking type of the resource)
  • RESOURCE_PRENAME (resource's prename)
  • RESOURCE_LASTNAME (resource's last name)
  • RESOURCE_MOBILE (resource's phone number)

Customfield (All added booking question)


You can edit all or only some of the texts. As soon as the text is an individualized text and the default has been changed, the status changes to "Configured".

Edit SMS templates

The SMS template works similar to the e-mail template. However, there is only one field, because an SMS has no subdivisions. Change the text as you like and use the dynamic fields as needed. Be sure to maintain the multilingual fields so that your customers receive the customized texts in their chosen language.

Click on "Save" to apply any changes.

Edit templates in the booking widget and appointment overview page

Similar to the e-mail and SMS notifications, you can customize predefined text modules in the booking widget and the appointment overview page. Go to the section "General". You can recognize the fields by their names, e.g. booking widget.

Click on "Set". 

Now give the identifier a new name, translate it completely into all activated languages and click on "Save".

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