Calenso offers you the possibility of importing school holidays and both official and non official holidays from your town. This means that you do not have to add all the holidays one by one, but you can import them easily using this function.

Go to "Availabilities" -> "Absences" in your settings and click on "+".

Click on "Import holidays". Now select the appropriate resource and the branch. By the type of holiday you can choose between "Legally recognized holidays", "Legally recognized holidays, legally non-recognized holidays (religious, cultural)" and "Legally recognized holidays, legally non-recognized holidays (religious, cultural), event days (e.g. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day)". Then click on "Search".

Important: The postcode of your location must be in Switzerland, Germany or Austria, otherwise no public holidays will be found.

Now you will be shown a list of all filtered days for this location and year.

As with the usual absences, you can set them as "global". Just select all the days you want and then click on "import". If you want to select all, you can activate the slider "Activate all" at the top.