The Calenso booking widget is multilingual! German, French, English or Italian - your customers can book appointments in the language that is most convenient for them. In this way, you reduce the risk of someone booking appointments incorrectly due to language barriers.

Both services and categories can be translated. If this is not done, it will display the same text in all languages. Calenso automatically translates its own texts when changing languages.

And this is how it works:

Click on the round dots in the top right corner of a category or service and go to "edit". A dialogue box will open. Then activate the first button "Activate multilingualism" and up to 4 languages will appear (depending on the settings in the general settings of the booking widget), which must be filled in for multilingualism. 

That's it! You can recognise a multilingual service or category by the green field that is added next to the name.