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Have you noticed that Calenso offers more security for your customers' data and also provides more functions? You're still using Calendly and would like to switch, but you're afraid of the hassle of entering all the settings again from scratch?

Then we might have the solution for you.

Calenso offers you the option of simply importing your settings from Calendly into your new Calenso account. We explain how to do it here.

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Which plan do I need to be able to import data from Calendly?

This feature is available for Business and Enterprise customers.

What can be imported from Calendly?

The following data can be imported from your Calendly profile:

  • Employees
  • Availabilities
  • Services (Events)
  • Booking questions

How is the data assigned after import?

  • Employees
    • Is assigned to the oldest branch in Calenso
    • Receives the availabilities if imported from Calendly
    • Must still receive a function description in Calenso
  • Availabilities
    • Are assigned to the corresponding employee
  • Sevices
    • Are assigned to the oldest service category
  • Booking questions
    • Appear as a new individual booking question at the bottom of the catalog of booking questions

What happens if multiple imports are made?

Only data that has been selected is imported. This is described under Importing data. If the data record already exists, it is updated. If a switch is inactive, it is ignored during the import. Only new data records are imported from Calendly. If a data record has been deleted in Calendly that was previously imported into Calenso, the data record remains unchanged in Calenso, even if it is subsequently imported again from Calendly.

What is required for an import?

To be able to import from Calendly, an access token must first be created in the Calendly profile.

Create a Calendly Access Token

In the Calendly Dashboard, the menu item Integrations can be found in the navigation:

This leads to an overview of all integration options.

API and connectors can be found at the bottom left:

This takes you to the selection of integration options.

API and webhooks must be selected here:

A personal access token must be created for the import:

This is followed by the information that access to the data in the Calendly account will be possible with an access token. We want that too. Click on Continue to proceed.
A name should now be selected for the access token. Any name can be chosen here. Then click on Create token.
Now you must first enter the 6-digit code that was sent to the e-mail of your Calendly account to verify the creation of the token.
The newly created token can now be copied by clicking on Copy token.
If the token has been successfully copied to the clipboard, a tick appears in the button for a short time.

Importing data

Now the data can be imported from Calendly.

To do this, go to Settings / Calendly in the Calenso dashboard.

Calendly synchronization must first be enabled:

The Calendly access token (which should still be in the clipboard) can then be pasted into the field. If the token is not (yet) available, go back to the step Create a Calendly Access Token.

If the token has been successfully inserted, the page should now look like this: All fields to be imported have already been activated here. The availabilities only appear once the employees or users has been selected.

Click on Import to transfer the selected fields from Calendly to Calenso.

The content of the imported data can be viewed in the details.

For the booking questions, Calendly only supports or differentiates between single and multiple selection, text or phone numbers. Calenso will limit itself to this when transferring the booking questions, even if another Calenso booking question format would fit better.

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