Calenso Release v4.31.0 (17.12.2021)

Created by Calenso Support, Modified on Fri, 17 Dec 2021 at 05:32 PM by Calenso Support

In this release we have improved some things which were found by us or customers during operation.

Booking Widget

  • Adobe Launch Tracking final implementation
  • CALENSO-2001087402: Booking-Widget for Services: Not the whole radio button is clickable
  • CALENSO-1953184658: Adjustment of message, when Booking Widget is deactivated due to missing payments


  • CALENSO-1979180534: Added release control blocker if super_admin 0
  • CALENSO-1979077525: Language Table added name_nl
  • CALENSO-1953200062: Show customer registration date in table and excel export (3.2)
  • CALENSO-1960533541: If appointment duration is shorter than service duration, then the appointment duration is to be exported in the Excel export (3.1)
  • CALENSO-1986832462: Waiting time feature additional requirements
  • CALENSO-1989334122: Helvetia: Import workers image via URL from excel document
  • CALENSO-1945512251: Digital Suite Onboarding UI
  • CALENSO-2021920059: Create migration to add column enable_multiple_meeting_types
  • CALENSO-2021925571: Change logic so multiple meeting-types are returned to booking widget
  • BRAIN-7344: Added Dutch translations to "Onboarding Wizard" countries
  • New api documentation for taxes, webhook requests, public holidays, languages, countries, notifications, roles, shortlinks, waiting times, smartactions, categories, booking types, customer types, coupons, customers.
  • Added partner booking_name to landingpages


  • BRAIN-7344: Added Dutch translations to "Onboarding Wizard" countries
  • BRAIN-7422: Add password-strength-bar to dashboard
  • BRAIN-7396: SNA: Show customer registration date in dashboard and in excel export
  • CALENSO-1945804769: Not all custom_field_values are shown on appointment/event landingpage
  • CALENSO-1985898357: Strength bar pass condition fixed
  • CALENSO-1979127933: Changed markAsRead to mark_as_read
  • CALENSO-1952648169: Show assigned worker in customer list (e.g. remove company name)
  • CALENSO-1952957841: Rebook page {{ cancellationDate }} {{ cancellationTime }} is not shown
  • CALENSO-1953186475: Favicon: It is possible for Flatrate User to set a Favicon
  • CALENSO-1953244126: Browser back button is not working in group-appointment add/edit/setup process
  • CALENSO-1958960788: Step 4 in group-appointment edit/add process is not properly set to done
  • CALENSO-1959064245: Add ability to change the partnership_id in the customer-detail-page (only for support partners)
  • CALENSO-1959360176: Migrate Bryntum Calendar to v4.3.3
  • CALENSO-1959701638: Configuration issue if more then 3 only show 3 and "more"
  • CALENSO-1959829783: Group-appointment duration time getting reset after new slots are generated in group appointment add/edit/setup process & Style is not proper of Custom Group-appointment duration time
  • CALENSO-1960050615: Delete resource button is missing in search UI
  • CALENSO-1961834290: SNA: Trigger appointment booking process if "Send booking confirmation" is activated when creating an appointment (confirmation for customer and partner, cancellation and rebooking option) (1.6)
  • CALENSO-1971952196: Selected customer is not shown in appointments/edit (calendar, appointment modal)
  • CALENSO-1971981505: Stripe coupons should be limited by product
  • CALENSO-1973114477: Bryntum implement permission check for edit and delete appointments
  • CALENSO-1975981266: Partner-Management not found message is from VAT list
  • CALENSO-1975982433: Appointment landing page "confirmation labels" not displayed
  • CALENSO-1977358819: Ability to assign meeting type when creating an appointment (/appointment & /calendar-pro)
  • CALENSO-1986223700: Add button to book additional appointment on the appointment or event landingpage Appointment Landing Page
  • CALENSO-1986269661: Wrong unblu start message in dashboard
  • CALENSO-1986832462: Waiting time feature additional requirements
  • CALENSO-1990023267: Dashboard rebooking feature "months" and "times" are not translated in dutch
  • CALENSO-2001322027: Issues with meeting-type translations in ng-select
  • CALENSO-2007737514: Default category should be "Kundentermin" when creating a new appointment
  • CALENSO-2007737536: If rebooking or cancellation is not longer possible (because of time is over) do not show the countdown
  • CALENSO-2016714643: Customer registration date is wrongly formatted
  • CALENSO-2019114199: Delete account message: remove 100 bookings reference
  • CALENSO-2019048606: Limit certain meeting-types to Whitelabel subscription only
  • CALENSO-2033261735: Customers export should support selection of customer_ids

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