• In the last few days, Calenso has experienced increased performance issues due to the tightened Corona policy (seeding and testing). We would like to formally apologize for this. We have been proactively working on the problem and can now confirm that we have got the performance issues under control.


  • Incorrect account configurations could cause the calendar in the booking widget to jump into the future. We have now caught these configuration issues and will alert the partner in the dashboard if there is an issue.
  • A bug in the Microsoft Teams integration could cause meetings to stop being created. If this is the case, the partner is now notified via email. In this case Teams has to be reconnected to Calenso.
  • The formatting of confirmation emails for multiple group appointments has been significantly improved.
  • Incorrect Calenso subscription payments by credit card now cause the booking widget to be disabled. Once the payment is successful, the booking widget is reactivated. The partner will be informed about this via email.
  • We have completely redesigned the wordpress plugin. It is now more intuitive and oriented towards the Calenso design. Furthermore, additional settings can be predefined via widget (e.g. pre-select employees).
  • The setup wizard has been revised and is now more intuitive for the user.
  • The partner no longer needs to log out after an upgrade for all restrictions to be removed.

New features:

  • There is now a smart dashboard search which makes it easier to find pages and settings.
  • Meeting providers are now supported for group appointments. For example, a group appointment can also take place via Teams, Zoom, Goto meeting or any other supported meeting provider.
  • The Calenso registration process has been professionalized and improved.


  • BRAIN-6843: Dashboard search
  • BRAIN-6881: Abbreviation field should not have *asteriks for mandatory
  • BRAIN-6930: SGE: Implement meeting providers for group appointments
  • BRAIN-6961: It should be possible to create new booking questions inside of smart-widget creation process (like in CRM view)
  • BRAIN-6980: Implement dynamic booking/time based trial mode (OKR)
  • BRAIN-7006: Upgrade leads to issues with account
  • BRAIN-7016: Catch inactive events configuration issue
  • BRAIN-7034: Setup redesign
  • Calendar tooltip customer link is wrong
  • Removed cypress, upgraded Angular and Angular Material to latest version (12.2.5)
  • Improved your-subscription page
  • Personalized salutation based on time of day
  • Fixed typo in setup assistent (resource)
  • Fixed typo in events (Geheimes Gruppentermin)


  • BRAIN-6905: Widget: If widget input language is different than language in the local storage, take the input language
  • BRAIN-6930: SGE: Implement meeting providers for group appointments
  • BRAIN-6955: Widget: resource description handle NULL case


  • BRAIN-6930: SGE: Implement meeting providers for group appointments
  • BRAIN-6966: Event ics files are broken (also fix location)
  • BRAIN-6969: 2nd event booking does not correctly save meeting_type_id
  • BRAIN-6970: Multiple event bookings: Email templates are not correctly formatted
  • BRAIN-6971: Email to partner for multiple event registrations does not have mailStyles
  • BRAIN-6973: Multi day event capacity is not correct in widget (does not decrease)
  • BRAIN-6980: Implement dynamic booking/time based trial mode (OKR)
  • BRAIN-7008: Missing availabilities lead to jumping calendar -> Show warning in dashboard
  • Ability to save some data to partner after register
  • Code did not properly calculate free days and appointments
  • BRAIN-7039: Fix performance issue: Implement fully booked calendar feature
  • Catch Microsoft Graph expired refresh_token issue
  • Date custom field was not properly exported in customer excel export
  • BRAIN-7011: Meeting-provider "we will call you" not supported in smart-widget
  • Increased memory limit in appointment search
  • BRAIN-6963: Stadt-Basel: New setting - always create new customer for each booking (paid)
  • activeByPartner-Finder did not return Slots
  • Not possible to cancel event when email goes to worker (not added to notification-helper)
  • Improved appointment reminder: if ics file is not found it will not be attached as attachment.
  • BRAIN-6967: Stripe failed and successful payments webhook does not work correctly (customer is not correct)