New features:

  • We implemented a new employee details page that simplifies configuring profile, presences and absences, calendar connections and meeting providers.
  • Sendinblue has been implemented as the default email provider for new partners (EU location).
  • It is now possible to define whether waiting list entries of group appointment bookings should automatically be changed to official bookings if another customer cancels the appointment.
  • The navigation on the settings page has been optimized
  • Combined bookings are now possible for selected partners.
  • Customer and partner ICS files can now be configured (file name, title, location, description).
  • Calenso now supports authentication with certificates when sending Microsoft Exchange.
  • [APPOINTMENT_UTM_SOURCE] can now be used as a new placeholder in the templates.


  • The length of services in the dropdowns is now better displayed (e.g. 1h 15m).
  • Several libraries have been updated to the latest version


* BRAIN-6639: BMS: Customers search: add option to search for customers that have survey filled

* BRAIN-6700: Implement Sendinblue as email provider

* BRAIN-6728: Resources overview page

* BRAIN-6752: Extend widget integration component

* BRAIN-6772: Reboat: Optimize duration of ng-select appointment-services

* BRAIN-6783: Waitinglist (automatic move) should be configurable

* BRAIN-6797: Adding new ressource requires email address

* BRAIN-6798: Dropa: Not possible to edit email address on resource (not sent to backend)

* BRAIN-6825: Improve calio sidebar

* BRAIN-6826: Calio remove title in settings

* BRAIN-6827: New resources page breadcrumbs detail is missing


* BRAIN-6185: BMS: Combined appointment booking (paid)

* BRAIN-6574: Email template multiple bookings disturbed

* BRAIN-6639: BMS: Customers search: add option to search for customers that have survey filled

* BRAIN-6649: AMAG: Ability to configure ICS title via template (paid)

* BRAIN-6676: Sanitas: PHP-EWS with TLS certificate

* BRAIN-6714: Gruppenbuchung: Cancellation E-Mail werden nicht versendet.

* BRAIN-6730: Sanitas: Timezone issue in InxMail JSON

* BRAIN-6740: Helvetia: Certain characters should not be sent in Inxmail

* BRAIN-6783: Waitinglist (automatic move) should be configurable

* BRAIN-6815: Create Calenso Invoice in Bexio (Flatrate and Whitelabel) adjust text, that its more clear for the clients

* BRAIN-6824: Implement disable notifications to partner in MessageHelper (generatePartnerNotifitcations)

* Better display appointment information in mail to customer and partner when multiple bookings are done

* Changed Inhaber to Geschäftsführung

* Removed customfields from appointment pdf export, increased font-size (BL)

* Upgraded php-ews to latest version (0.9.9)

* Added APPOINTMENT_UTM_SOURCE as supported placeholder


* BRAIN-6771: Implement .htaccess in smartwidget

* BRAIN-6795: Smartwidget: add loader when starting up the widget

* BRAIN-6796: Smartwidget: implement transition in smartwidget and survey when changing steps

* BRAIN-6830: Anyone in workers dropdown ist not translated

* BRAIN-6831: its not possible to switch payment type

* BRAIN-6832: when going second time to the process in smartwidget values are not prefilled + jump to next:


* BRAIN-6765: Update ngx-paypal to v8

* BRAIN-6766: Widget build warning

* BRAIN-6833: Prefill worker in widget does not work when postcode search is active