Calenso Release v4.23.0 (02.08.2021)

Created by Calenso Support, Modified on Tue, 03 Aug 2021 at 07:21 PM by Calenso Support

Internal improvements:

  • All projects have been updated to the latest Angular version (12).
  • When requesting an AV contract, you must now confirm that you agree to the data being sent to the US.
  • When a booking has a scheduling conflict, the customer is now correctly notified.
  • The smart widget supports and linking and displaying Youtube videos.
  • GTM events are now triggered at every step in the widget and smartwidget.
  • Other internal improvements.


  • Bookings table action button css is fixed on home page
  • Fixed favicon icon issue on whitelabel settings page
  • BRAIN-5865: Bryntum calendar on mobile, improve handling
  • BRAIN-6265: Migrate dashboard to ng12
  • BRAIN-6292: fix height / autoResizer
  • BRAIN-6573: Add information about questionnaire filled in CRM detailview with link to PDF
  • BRAIN-6590-Customer search/filter not all custom_fields are displayed
  • BRAIN-6648: Upcoming bookings section does not look good when multiple selected
  • BRAIN-6658: Navigation on iPad Pro does not look good
  • BRAIN-6665: Smart-widget should support "message" field on customer in context and via url param
  • BRAIN-6666: Order of booking questions is wrong on booking detailpage
  • BRAIN-6679: FR translation wrong: Salutation
  • BRAIN-6680: Template settings not properly translated in french
  • BRAIN-6681: Wrong online payment translations for french
  • BRAIN-6682: Improvements booking landingpage
  • BRAIN-6689: Bryntum calendar space after scroll
  • BRAIN-6708: Services
  • BRAIN-6709: Ressources
  • BRAIN-6710: Employee
  • BRAIN-6711: Booking Questions
  • BRAIN-6718: Smartwidget url must have timestamp to not load from cache
  • BRAIN-6722: In store payment is disbaled but still visible (default setting issue)
  • BRAIN-6733: Broker filter should only be visible in UI when feature is active
  • BRAIN-6744: Confirm opt-in to PandaDoc


  • BRAIN-6275: Migrate smart-widget to ng12
  • BRAIN-6580: Handle error when user cannot book beacuse of appointemnt_collision (error 1001)
  • BRAIN-6589: Smart-Widget: iframe should list appointment-services in list instead of carousel
  • BRAIN-6607: Smart-widget: if cart is enabled show count label in calendar
  • BRAIN-6638: Add i icon for custom_field_options that have youtube link, open video in modal
  • BRAIN-6646: Phone validation should not trigger before form is filled
  • BRAIN-6665: Smart-widget should support "message" field on customer in context and via url param
  • BRAIN-6720: Smart-Widget improvements
  • BRAIN-6727: Widget and Smartwidget: Implement GTM tracking for each button step
  • BRAIN-6731: It does not make sense to show 0 character in phone number default value


  • BRAIN-6266: Migrate booking-widget to ng12
  • BRAIN-6273: Internal widget if internal_widget_store_search_list is enabled show stores as searchable dropdown
  • BRAIN-6647: Widget resource selection should support HTML tags
  • BRAIN-6683: Customer profiles "order of elements" should be based on context
  • BRAIN-6727: Widget and Smartwidget: Implement GTM tracking for each button step
  • BRAIN-6734: Align resource name in free_appointments (normal widget)

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