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New functions:

  • Now the email address can be made optional or completely removed in the booking process (Documentation).
  • A reseller now has the possibility to log into the accounts of his customers as an administrator (Documentation).
  • The dashboard page now shows how many SMS have not been billed yet.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. If an SMS is too large, they are now billed correctly via Stripe (e.g. 320 characters = 2 SMS).
  2. Appointment prices are now displayed better. If a discount was redeemed, then this is now visible in the appointment list and on the customer page (incl. discount reduction).
  3. Bookings in the customer details page now display prices in the correctly stored currency.
  4. Improvement in the view of external calendars (username and avatar are now displayed).
  5. Under "Integrations" the email signature works again.
  6. The release note popup now only appears if there are changes.
  7. When clicking on the settings icon in the header, we now redirect you to the booking widget settings, not to the profile.


  • Fixed delete problem of partner
  • Save used sms-points into database
  • Create Stripe sms usage for each used sms part
  • Not possible to save price of appointment
  • SMS count statistics
  • BRAIN-5624: Expert CAP Feature
  • BRAIN-5645: After booking a multi-day-event, the numbers of the child slots are not properly updated
  • BRAIN-5655: DROPA: Make customer email address optional in widget (financed)
  • BRAIN-5657: DROPA: Resellers can login as administrator into partners (financed)
  • Improved SMS verification feature
  • Customfields and Customfieldoptions are now trashable, person who deleted it will be saved


  • BRAIN-2902: Widget languages are disabled, but when browser has other language widget still changes to this lang (for ex FR or IT)
  • BRAIN-4545: If date is the same for start and end date, do not repeat it
  • BRAIN-5619: Internal widget: after booking scroll to top
  • BRAIN-5623: Leads feature should only be available in "internal" Widget
  • BRAIN-5624: Expert CAP Feature
  • BRAIN-5655: DROPA: Make customer email address optional in widget (financed)
  • Dedicated dev environment for webcomponent


  • BRAIN-5441: Absences: Change of date causes change of time
  • BRAIN-5500: Bookings section should also support own:appointments permission
  • BRAIN-5537: "Add absence for all resources" must require add:absences permission (for users with only add:own:absences) this toggle must be hidden
  • BRAIN-5612: ID should be before language picker
  • BRAIN-5613: Only show "mark as paid" if price > 0 / null
  • BRAIN-5614: Add SMS statistic to dashboard
  • BRAIN-5615: Whole partner object is sent to backend
  • BRAIN-5632: Customer bookings currency is ignoring partner currency (always CHF)
  • BRAIN-5638: External calendars from different workers with the same name should not be grouped
  • BRAIN-5640: It should not be possible to delete own worker (at least one worker must be there)
  • BRAIN-5641: If username is set in API show username in ()
  • Better formatted price in appointment list when it's paid by Stripe
  • BRAIN-5650: Email integration is not working
  • BRAIN-5653: Rename subscription upgrade button
  • BRAIN-5655: DROPA: Make customer email address optional in widget (financed)
  • BRAIN-5657: DROPA: Resellers can login as administrator into partners (financed)
  • BRAIN-5667: Wrong date format when performing global cancellation
  • BRAIN-5669: Release notes popup shown even though there are no release-notes
  • BRAIN-5674: Clicking on smartactions on mobile does not close navigation
  • BRAIN-5675: Settings page has issues on mobile screen
  • BRAIN-5677: If settings icon is clicked, link customer to settings/widget