Many bugs were fixed in the first January Sprint. We have optimized Calenso mainly for mobile devices such as smartphones.

As a major new feature, the first two smart actions have been implemented. Furthermore, it is now possible to enter the company description on the booking page in several languages. On the booking page, all branches are now displayed under "Contact". For services, the long-awaited pre- and post-processing times have been implemented. With this function, it is possible to specify how many minutes before the appointment for preparation and how many minutes after the appointment it takes for post-processing. These times are also synchronized into the external calendar as blockers.

Detailed descriptions of the new functions can be found in the respective support articles:


Calenso Backend/API

  • BRAIN-2043: Calenso Check i18n Templates. All templates must have 4 languages instead set default
  • BRAIN-2407: KLARA Buchungwidget Konfiguration einblenden für alle User + Calenso Label aus config
  • BRAIN-2408: KLARA:  LOGIN AUF BUCHUNGSSEITE VERBERGEN (hide_login_on_bookingsite) per default disable für alle User + Einstellung verbergen
  • BRAIN-2494: Event cancellation_to 0 is not possible
  • BRAIN-2544: First day of the month "getFreeAppointments" problem
  • BRAIN-2749: Calio create partner must redirect to and login into calio after successful registration
  • BRAIN-2767: Smartaction 2: Implement satisfaction survey (e.g. Google Review)
  • BRAIN-2820: S-GE: Translate company description (BE)
  • BRAIN-2821: Bookingsite should show all locations of all stores (currently is confusing for the user when he does change the store in widget)
  • BRAIN-2894: Stripe payment description has mixed language
  • BRAIN-2931: bookingwidget_enabled on partners should be enabled again while abo upgrade
  • BRAIN-2932: Country / Taxes cannot be changed on partner (when already added events or appointment_services with tax_id)
  • BRAIN-2936: If service length is longer than availability, widget shows it as free
  • BRAIN-2937: Remarks are missing in confirmation mails
  • BRAIN-2959: Implement "enabled" flag for smart-actions
  • BRAIN-2994: Changing courtesy form does not change final widget screen text
  • BRAIN-3006: Calenso Sales Dashboard show widet counts
  • BRAIN-3047: S-GE: Translate store name (BE + API)
  • BRAIN-3054: Booking page map should contain markers of all stores

Calenso Frontend (Calio)

  • BRAIN-2764: Implement guess.js lazy loading (predictive) 
  • BRAIN-2766: Smartaction 1: Enable automatic thank you mail in Calio
  • BRAIN-2767: Smartaction 2: Implement satisfaction survey (e.g. Google Review)
  • BRAIN-2860: Test failed: Partner data form not optimized for mobile screens
  • BRAIN-2862: Test failed: Change password screen not optimized for mobile
  • BRAIN-2876: Click on template placeholder to insert them into the text
  • BRAIN-2877: Template footer should not be changeable if user is not on whitelabel
  • BRAIN-2880: Ability to upload landingpage_logo in settings
  • BRAIN-2883: Appointment-service-category should use same multi-lang approach as rest of app
  • BRAIN-2916: Mobile responsive issues
  • BRAIN-2920: Events view is not optimized for mobile
  • BRAIN-2921: Create customer view is not optimized for mobile
  • BRAIN-2922: Header broken on mobile (navigation stays open when subnav-item was clicked)
  • BRAIN-2924: Slots edit assigned resource is not selected in list
  • BRAIN-2925: Notification overlay in header is not optimized for mobile
  • BRAIN-2926: Appointment create button is not optimized for mobile
  • BRAIN-2927: Calendar (scheduler) header is not optimized for mobile
  • BRAIN-2928: When user clicks on settings navigation on mobile the app should scroll to the content section
  • BRAIN-2929: Header on mobile is disturbed
  • BRAIN-2934: Setting values in select-box of calio frontend are not translated (only when logged in with language)
  • BRAIN-2991: Layout/design of forget-password screen is broken (like login was)
  • BRAIN-2943: S-GE: Company description should be translatable
  • BRAIN-3001: Add credit card is not properly translated
  • BRAIN-3005: Properly implement smart-action breadcrumbs
  • BRAIN-3035: Slot edit: only send updated values to backend, not whole object and sub-objects
  • BRAIN-3040: cancellation_to is missing in appointments add/edit
  • BRAIN-3060: Fix space in settings
  • BRAIN-3061: Disable guess.js to see if it fixes the build
  • BRAIN-3065: Company description modal: Close and x button does not work