In the second January Sprint we were able to fix many bugs and bring Calenso a long way forward. Here is a short list of the most important innovations:

  • It is now possible to pay our flat rate subscription by invoice (annual subscriptions).
  • After registering with Calenso, you are now logged in directly.
  • We have laid the technical foundations for a Bexio integration. Soon it will be possible to connect your Bexio account to Calenso so that customers will be able to choose "invoice" as their payment method when booking.

In the next sprint, we will deal with the following topics:

  • We will improve our API and implement OAuth 2
  • There will be a new whitelabel settings page where you can maintain your account completely independently without support.
  • Implementation of the Calenso Reseller Programme
  • We will publish our new Wordpress-Plugin


Calenso Backend/API

  • BRAIN-2305: calenso-calendar-layer Update google/apiclient
  • BRAIN-3072: "Not going to implement" Status for feature-proposals
  • BRAIN-3074: New booking - generate notification
  • BRAIN-3079: Pay calenso subscription with Bexio invoice
  • BRAIN-3098: Cyfe Dashboard show Partners registration growth graph
  • BRAIN-3119: Create Bexio invoice as partner when user books appointment/event
  • BRAIN-3151: Calenso 2.x show availabilities for FREE customers in Kalender PRO
  • BRAIN-3162: Some days incorrectly grayed out in the widget
  • BRAIN-3180: JWT tokens expire too fast for new customers
  • BRAIN-3184: Combination of appointment service does not return bookable appointments in widget
  • BRAIN-3201: For some partners token for widget gets disabled after a while (it was working some hours ago)
  • BRAIN-3202: Calenso Sales Dashboard search/filter on how many bookings
  • BRAIN-3207: KLARA Sales Dashboard should support login for all employees
  • BRAIN-3227: Ability to whitelabel favicon and booking-page pagetitle

Calio Dashboard

  • BRAIN-2070: Login user after partner was registered (calio-partner-create-project)
  • BRAIN-3017: On multilanguage forms show only the supported language tabs from partner
  • BRAIN-3066: Login and Forget password screen broken on mobile
  • BRAIN-3067: Implement ghost elements for customer detail view
  • BRAIN-3068: Feature request, add comment dialog looks bad
  • BRAIN-3069: Mobile navigation burger-menu button disturbed on mobile (iOS) and Safari ( desktop )
  • BRAIN-3072: "Not going to implement" Status for feature-proposals
  • BRAIN-3075: Customer retention when user tries to delete account
  • BRAIN-3079: Pay calenso subscription with Bexio invoice
  • BRAIN-3107: Use toggle for smartaction activaton
  • BRAIN-3110: Define template (smartaction), placeholders are not clickable
  • BRAIN-3113: Fix typo
  • BRAIN-3117: S-GE: Create event - not possible to add description (wysiwyg editor)
  • BRAIN-3118: S-GE: Appointment service add/edit: Dialog height should fit form size
  • BRAIN-3119: S-GE: Not possible to define "category" field in events (add/edit)
  • BRAIN-3125: Selected widget languages are not translated
  • BRAIN-3147: Appointment service category name validation should not be 40 chars, it should be 300 chars
  • BRAIN-3148: Appointment service categories are truncated too early
  • BRAIN-3158: Event detail PDF export does not work
  • BRAIN-3163: Improve final upgrade screen on mobile
  • BRAIN-3165: Handle Bexio Auth
  • BRAIN-3166: Add "integrations" in settings navigation
  • BRAIN-3215: Remove beta tag and align coming-soon feature list

Create partner

  • BRAIN-2070: Login user after partner was registered (calio-partner-create-project)

Booking Widget

  • BRAIN-2597: Price Information improvement in Booking widget
  • BRAIN-2609: Ability to remove Calenso logo (whitelabeling)
  • BRAIN-2809: Bookingwidget one label does not have font-weight 600
  • BRAIN-3018: Unable to build widget
  • BRAIN-3039: Widget message is wrong
  • BRAIN-3048: S-GE: Change all store names in widget to multi-lang-supported
  • BRAIN-3062: Images which are not available are not catched properly