Calenso Release v.3.1.8 (27.03.2020)

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In the second March Sprint, we focused primarily on internal improvements. We briefly list the most important improvements:

  • New Smart Action, which helps with mass cancellations of appointments. This topic is very popular especially because of COVID-19. You can find more information here.
  • The customer view is now also available as a table (requested by many partners).
  • Staff and resources can now maintain a conference URL (helpful for online meetings). This URL is then sent to the customer when booking.
  • Now you can activate the payment method "On site" in the settings.
  • Calenso now correctly handles 100% coupons and no longer asks for the customer's credit card at the end of the booking process if the final amount is 0.
  • Now you can define your own coupon codes. If the user does not specify anything, a code is generated.
  • In the event of cancellations, Calenso dates (after the dates have been deleted from the external calendar) are now correctly removed.
  • The last page of the booking widget has a more modern design and the online payment function has been further developed.
  • Many bug fixes, especially on tablets.


Calenso Dashboard

  • BRAIN-3190: Add ability to add new appointment-service-categories
  • BRAIN-3197: Event search - no result found page broken
  • BRAIN-3527: Bexio subscriptions (handle price and subscription chooser)
  • BRAIN-3585: Group-Appointment create/edit "google-tag-manager" category field is treated as mandatory (should not be mandatory)
  • BRAIN-3588: Ability to show customers in a table
  • BRAIN-3637: Send terms accepted int to backend when saving partnerships
  • BRAIN-3649: Implement new smartaction: global cancellation
  • BRAIN-3654: Allow multiple emails when inviting other partners, change label
  • BRAIN-3656: Link should be in german  -> Settings, Bexio
  • BRAIN-3658: When there are more than 3 deals, no_flag is ignored
  • BRAIN-3662: Clean-up coming-soon features
  • BRAIN-3664: List view customers: When no entries are there, table head is shown
  • BRAIN-3670: Company description (multi-lang) should be textarea, not input field
  • BRAIN-3693: Calio settings booking_name looks weird on mobile
  • BRAIN-3696: Add conference_url field to worker/ressource form
  • BRAIN-3697: Customer list table wider than grid
  • BRAIN-3711: Create setting to control "on site" payment type
  • BRAIN-3715: Amount reduction in coupon is hardcoded CHF instead of currency of partner
  • BRAIN-3718: In coupon management show curreny of partner (not default CHF)
  • BRAIN-3719: Appointment list improvement: payment_status, charge_price, show coupon information
  • BRAIN-3721: Implement event registration page
  • BRAIN-3722: Show mobile number of customer
  • BRAIN-3723: Admin Reseller Dashboard should show all registered partners by partnership (also not paying)
  • BRAIN-3729: When pre-defining subscription, interval, error is thrown when coupon is missing
  • BRAIN-3730: Finalize event registration page: map, actions, translation fixes
  • BRAIN-3737: Stripe setup dialog: Checkboxes move on hover
  • BRAIN-3744: It's not possible to define coupon codes manually
  • BRAIN-3753: Coupons with redemption limit do not seem to work (Support)
  • BRAIN-3756: Customer table header not optimized for tablet
  • BRAIN-3757: Startsite not optimized for tablet
  • BRAIN-3758: Too much unused space in appointments table on tablet
  • BRAIN-3759: Username component not optimized for tablet
  • BRAIN-3760: Deals table does not have correct font-size
  • BRAIN-3761: Booking widget settings not optimized (tablet)
  • BRAIN-3779: "Create slot" modal title is not translated
  • BRAIN-3780: Show error message from backend when slot creation failed
  • BRAIN-3781: Event detail view is missing margin on mobile/tablet
  • BRAIN-3782: Create slot modal sends default capacity of 10 to backend even though 7 was defined
  • BRAIN-3783: Slots overview not optimized for tablet / mobile
  • BRAIN-3785: Missing helper text for price field in event detail view
  • BRAIN-3788: Wrong label in slot creation form


  • BRAIN-3261: New partner to calenso email is sent twice. Queue bug
  • BRAIN-3478: Migrate Bitly API to v4
  • BRAIN-3485: Integrate instead of FOMO in calenso backend
  • BRAIN-3527: Bexio subscriptions (handle price and subscription chooser)
  • BRAIN-3601: owner_zip tinyint is not stored correctly, AGB accept is not stored in DB
  • BRAIN-3604: Google OAuth scope update check
  • BRAIN-3619: Cannot book events because of Stripe error
  • BRAIN-3626: Google Scope change
  • BRAIN-3642: PROD Bexio login with button: message: "Für diese Daten wurde bereits ein Konto eröffnet."
  • BRAIN-3647: Create API to globally cancel appointments/events
  • BRAIN-3648: Configure new smartaction: global cancellation
  • BRAIN-3657: Adding bexio lead throws error
  • BRAIN-3660: Allow multiple emails when inviting other partners in API
  • BRAIN-3668: Only return account_type == 1 when showing bexio accounts via API
  • BRAIN-3669: Only return types = sales_tax when showing bexio taxes
  • BRAIN-3673: Reseller partnership data got deleted (seed?)
  • BRAIN-3676: If there is a "space" in booking_questions option placeholder does not work
  • BRAIN-3695: Add conference url to worker
  • BRAIN-3700: Add conference_url to booking mails data
  • BRAIN-3711: Create setting to control "on site" payment type

  • BRAIN-3723: Admin Reseller Dashboard should show all registered partners by partnership (also not paying)
  • BRAIN-3727: bexio_invoice_id, receipt_url and coupon information is not saved when an appointment is created
  • BRAIN-3728: Defining future_booking_treshold when generating slots is not working
  • BRAIN-3731: Implement API to download event ics file
  • BRAIN-3741: Stripe credit card is charged even though 100% coupon is applied
  • BRAIN-3744: It's not possible to define coupon code manually
  • BRAIN-3752: For some workers login as customer is not possible
  • BRAIN-3766: RemoveEventFromGoogleCalendarTask throws exception
  • BRAIN-3768: RemoveEventFromiCloud queue fails
  • BRAIN-3769: RemoveEventFromExchange queue fails
  • BRAIN-3770: RemoveEventFromOffice365 queue fails
  • BRAIN-3771: UpdatePartnerBookingValues queue fails
  • BRAIN-3774: Adding leads is not possible
  • BRAIN-3777: Autopilot sync wrong for workers
  • BRAIN-3796: Disable resource booking flag (plus default value) on partner

Booking Widget

  • BRAIN-2611: The select customfields in the last step of the widget are not remembered in the localstorage after booking
  • BRAIN-3449: If bookingwidget "anyone" is selected, user must see the resource name
  • BRAIN-3616: If there is no description, don't show "?"-tooltip
  • BRAIN-3666: Fix widget
  • BRAIN-3699: Widget payment improvements
  • BRAIN-3704: Pass error message after booking to front end (alert box)
  • BRAIN-3711: Create setting to control "on site" payment type
  • BRAIN-3714: Coupon amount reduction wrong in widget
  • BRAIN-3717: Widget used DEV stripe key per default
  • BRAIN-3725: Tax calculation is wrong (after adding coupon)
  • BRAIN-3735: Amounts < 10 are wrongly formatted
  • BRAIN-3736: User has to enter credit card even though amount is 0 (after coupon)
  • BRAIN-3738: It is possible to select disabled appointment proposals
  • BRAIN-3807: If coupon was added after creditcard or invoice was selected, wrong payment type is sent to backend

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