In second September Sprint we added some new features and fixed bugs. Here is an excerpt of the most important changes:

  • During setup a bookable service is now created as an example (to avoid confusion between services and service categories).
  • When booking via the internal booking weight, it is now saved which employee has booked the appointment.
  • You can now search for the company in the customer view
  • Private appointments via Office365 are now displayed as "Private" in the calendar



  • BRAIN-5095: Rebooking setPlaceholders does not work
  • BRAIN-5121: Define dummy appointment-service during partner setup
  • BRAIN-5147: Appointment rebooking ICS file is not updated
  • BRAIN-5148: Appointment confirmation subject it not used from settings
  • BRAIN-5152: [ORT] token from default email template does not work
  • BRAIN-5168: GM: Save information about worker that created an appointment
  • BRAIN-5175: Customers search does not work for "company name"
  • BRAIN-5176: CustomFields search does not work for custom_field id 28 (partner_id 53)
  • BRAIN-5178: Download appointment ICS should be available public
  • BRAIN-5195: Customer notification preference is not properly updated
  • BRAIN-5197: XSS vulnerability in booking page
  • BRAIN-5213: Appointment cancellation email to partner must be configured like confirmation
  • BRAIN-5215: Add department as booking type
  • BRAIN-5217: Private events are readable from Office365 API


  • BRAIN-5124: When user has no permission to add appointments add/edit appointment modal should not open in scheduler
  • BRAIN-5125: If user has only read permissions he should not be able to change values in UI (even when save button is not displayed)
  • BRAIN-5157: Deleting events from the event overview is not possible
  • BRAIN-5158: Catching customer view detail page permission is not correct
  • BRAIN-5164: Online Payment settings permission check should be checked only for the display of link
  • BRAIN-5174: XSS vulnerability in scheduler
  • BRAIN-5180: Show custom field ID in dialog
  • BRAIN-5183: GM: Pass information about logged in user to internal widget
  • BRAIN-5188: Show name of worker next to avatar
  • BRAIN-5193: After deleting account, user is not logged out and no message is shown
  • BRAIN-5196: Do not catch latest Edge (based on Chromium)
  • BRAIN-5198: Missing VATs are not properly catched


  • BRAIN-5159: When widget checks and renders upcoming month, user is not able to go back in the month view anymore
  • BRAIN-5203: Notification type on widget ui set "email" as default
  • BRAIN-5205: XSS vulnerability in final widget page when showing custom fields
  • BRAIN-5230: Notification type is missing on "internal widget"