In this interim release we have fixed some minor bugs:

  • Hidden prices of services no longer influence the calculation of sales in the statistics.
  • Possible XSS attacks have been fixed.
  • When exporting appointments, the system now looks whether past appointments should be included or not.
  • After the upgrade there should be no problem anymore. If there is still a problem with the subscription, logging out and logging in again will help.




  • BRAIN-5232: Statistic values should not be -1 CHF
  • BRAIN-5234: Optimize view of Checkbox with link in email templates (XSS Attack prevention)
  • BRAIN-5255: New settings PartnersSettings widget_disable_automatic_search
  • BRAIN-5263: Appointment export ignores "hide-past-appointments" flag


  • BRAIN-5208: XSS vulnerability in reseller dashboard
  • BRAIN-5209: Customer email not validated when adding new customers
  • BRAIN-5210: XSS vulnerability when editing event booking question assignments
  • BRAIN-5216: If customer cannot be found, no error is shown
  • BRAIN-5220: Upcoming bookings do not work anymore
  • BRAIN-5221: Upcoming bookings does not allow multi select of resources anymore
  • BRAIN-5228: Partner edit should not set "accept_terms_of_condition" to 0
  • BRAIN-5239: Add divs to whitelisted tags
  • BRAIN-5257: After subscription upgrade, update subscription in localstorage of current user