Over the last 2 weeks, we have been working mainly on the performance and improvement of Calenso. Below is a list of the most important improvements:

  • Performance improvements: Calenso now runs faster, smoother and more stable.
  • A lead time of 0 hours can now be defined for group appointments.
  • It is now possible to define how many hours before an appointment the appointment can be rebooked.
  • Bexio subscriptions can now be cancelled via dashboard.
  • Widget improvements:
    • It should no longer happen that days are offered in the calendar that have no free appointments anymore.
    • Preparation for support of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) for credit cards (e.g. 3D Secure).



  • BRAIN-3198: Implement ability to filter appointments (BE)
  • BRAIN-5361: Speed up all day exceptions by removing checks of past days.
  • BRAIN-5362: GM: booker_worker is not provided if cancellation is done via booking link
  • BRAIN-5367: GM: Cancellation webhook des not contain the old worker, contains the new one
  • BRAIN-5370: Add support for lead-time of 0 hours
  • BRAIN-5377: Setting for rebooking leadtime
  • BRAIN-5394: Cronjob delete customers from appointments (override appointment description with NULL and appointment title with name "Deleted appointment")
  • BRAIN-5395: KZU: Event view crashes if too many slots are attached
  • BRAIN-5396: It's not possible to cancel subscription anymore
  • BRAIN-5403: Change text of apply_to_appointments, apply_to_events and make it editable
  • BRAIN-5410: bexio subscription cancellation should trigger email to support, so order and repetition can be deleted
  • BRAIN-5412: Account cannot be deleted when smartactions are activated
  • BRAIN-5413: Change icon for "anyone" in widget to make it gender neutral
  • BRAIN-5415: SCA for widget Stripe integration
  • BRAIN-5419: Add consulting as booking type
  • BRAIN-5428: Ability to check active subscription of specific partner as master support
  • BRAIN-5429: Comtec: Widget ignores long blockers from calendar in case "anyone" is selected
  • BRAIN-5430: Comtec: Widget doesn't hide all non-bookable days correctly (24.11)
  • BRAIN-5444: Split workers and resources in partner export
  • Database Performance Improvements -> Indexes
  • Fixed slow queries



  • BRAIN-3997: It must be possible to save group_appointmetn without adding place (should not be required)
  • BRAIN-5403: Change text of apply_to_appointments, apply_to_events and make it editable
  • BRAIN-5408: Upcoming bookings: in case no resource is selected, preselect logged in user
  • BRAIN-5409: Add ability to cancel customer subscription within customer detail page
  • BRAIN-5413: Ability to delete partner from customer detail view as super-admin
  • BRAIN-5414: If lang_identifier on current worker (login) is set, set UI language to this lang
  • BRAIN-5420: Wrong format of slot date
  • BRAIN-5426: Change helper text for event leadtime
  • BRAIN-5433: Remove getInactiveWeekDays code from widget
  • BRAIN-5437: Add Store Location to the employee or resource card in the overview
  • BRAIN-5438: Change absence screen
  • BRAIN-5439: Change the format of absence calendar beginning with monday



  • BRAIN-5392: Resetting widget does not properly clear custom fields
  • BRAIN-5415: SCA for widget Stripe integration
  • BRAIN-5431: If anyone is selected and no free appointment is found, do not offer search button
  • BRAIN-5433: Remove getInactiveWeekDays code from widget